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What is KOpenBabel ?

KOpenBabel is a graphical interface to Open Babel.[1] KOpenBabel can handle and convert over 70 chemical file formats. At this time, it can convert files, guess input file type and convert a large number of files with a single click. The user interface is available in different languages (german, english and french). The building system is based on CMake,[2] a cross-platform Make. So, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows versions of QOpenBabel will be released within a few weeks.

Kalzium,[3] a periodic table of the elements, has also many other features, like molecular weight calculation or chemical file conversion. The OpenBabel frontend of Kalzium shares its code with this project.

The project is divided in two parts, KOpenBabel and QOpenBabel.


KOpenBabel is the version for KDE (KDE3 and KDE4).[4]

KOpenBabel screenshot
The english interface of KOpenBabel (KDE3)


QOpenBabel is the version built with Qt4.[5]

QOpenBabel screenshot
The french interface of QOpenBabel



You can get the last release on this page.


The project source code is managed by a Subversion server, hosted on SourceForge. You can browse directly the SVN repository or download the last snapshot:


  1. OpenBabel - The Open Source Chemistry Toolbox
  2. CMake - The Cross-Platform Make
  3. Kalzium - An Interactive Chemical Database
  4. KDE - The K Desktop Environment
  5. Qt - A Cross-Platform C++ Development Framework